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Raza2Raza Mir, Division Chair tadalafil

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It gives me the greatest pleasure to welcome you to the newly renovated website of the CMS Division. These are exciting and challenging times for CMS. Our division continues to stake its claim for greater relevance within the AOM, while addressing issues that are often consigned to the periphery of discussion in organizational studies.

Our division seeks to grow, both in terms of expanding our membership and in widening our sphere of influence within the AOM. We are of course not interested in diluting our mandate; on the contrary, we hope to sharpen the focus of the division as a champion of the marginal, the oppressed and the exploited subjectivities within the realm of work and labor.  These are very febrile times in the history of global capitalism, where a vast majority of the working class experiences greater misery and lowered chances of upward mobility, while the capitalist class sharpens its exploitative prowess, often in collusion with state and civil society. Yet, the workers of the world continue to struggle, not only in the formal capitalist space, but in the spaces of migration and displacement, spaces of gender and sexuality, of academic labor and theory, and in myriad of other spaces. We hope that CMS will continue to remain an ally of the oppressed, and a thorn in the flesh of both the exploiter and of the theorist who represents such exploitation as “business as usual.” cialis pills

Please continue to be involved in the division, and to involve CMS in your own labors and passions. You will hopefully find a lot of friends and allies here! how much cialis