The CMS Division newsletter editor is Nadia De Gama (Anglia Ruskin University, UK):

The newsletter is sent out quarterly to Division members and distributed through the List. It features news relating to the Division, its members and the wider CMS community.

Quarterly newsletter – December 2016
Including: a letter from the editor, Division calls for AOM Meeting in Atlanta 2017 "Critical Engagement at the Interface", spotlight on early career critter Paulina Segarra.

Quarterly newsletter – October 2016
Including: a message from the division co-chairs on celebrating difference, some numbers and reflections on Anaheim, CMS award winners, spotlight on Saima Rifet, notices, call for papers and PDWs.

Quarterly newsletter – June 2016
Including: a notice from the division chairs on academic “housework” and the distributed nature of CMS; highlights from the division’s main program in Anaheim, various calls, announcements and acknowledgements.

Quarterly newsletter – March 2016
Including: newsletter from the editor; opinions on National CMS Convenors; portrays of Early Career Critters; all Division calls for AOM Meeting Anaheim 2016.

Quarterly newsletter - December 2015
Including: all Division calls for AOM Meeting Anaheim 2016; National CMS Convenors; ethics and inclusion in CMS Division; The Benefits of Print (Terry Clague, Routledge).

Quarterly newsletter - October 2015
Including: creating ethical and inclusive spaces in CMS; retrospective of AOM meeting in Vancouver; news on Division website and social media; 2015 Dissertation competition winner Hamid Foroughi.

Quarterly newsletter - June 2015
Including: Emerald’s Critical Management Studies book series; early career CMS researchers Anindita Banerjee, Toby Paltridge, Kristene Coller; Amon Barros and Bill Cooke on rankings and lists.

Quarterly newsletter - March 2015
Including: remembering Ralph Stablein (1953-2015); news on the 9th International CMS conference, Leicester.

Quarterly newsletter - December 2014
Including: reminiscence on Heather Höpfl (1948-2014); in memory of Jan Schapper (1951-2014); the CMS non-logo.

Quarterly newsletter - October 2014
Including: retrospective of AOM meeting in Philadelphia; details of International Board for CMS.