Critical Management Studies (CMS) is a Division of the Academy Of Management. Each year, Division members are invited to stand for election to the Executive Committee. This group is responsible for organizing the Annual Meeting program, including Professional Development Workshops, Main Scholarly Program, Division keynote speakers, social events and awards. Members of the Executive Committee serve for a five year term, including as Division Chair. There is also the option to stand for election to the Executive on a Co-Chair basis. Within the Division, there are a number of elected Representatives-at-Large who usually serve for a three-year term. The Representatives-at-Large contribute to the development of the Division through organization of Dark Side Case Competition, newsletter editorship, doctoral workshops, social media and outreach activities. If you are interested in standing for election to one of these roles, please contact a member of the current Executive Committee.

Executive Committee 2016-2017

Emma Bell
Past Division Co-Chair
Keele University, UK
Scott Taylor
Past Division Co-Chair
University of Birmingham, UK
Nimruji Jammulamadaka
Division Co-Chair
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India
Latha Poonamallee
Division Co-Chair
Michigan Technological University, USA
Banu Ozkazanc-Pan
Division Co-Chair Elect
University of Massachusetts-Boston, USA
Paul Donnelly
Division Co-Chair Elect
Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

Mark Learmonth
Main Scholarly Program Chair
Durham University, UK
Stephen Cummings
Stephen Cummings
Program Co-Chair Elect [PDW Chair] Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
Ajnesh Prasad
Ajnesh Prasad
Program Co-Chair Elect [PDW Chair] Technologico de Monterrey, Mexico

Division Treasurer

Rosalie Hilde
College of New Caledonia, Canada

Representatives-at-large 2016-17

Nadia deGama
Nadia deGama
Representative-at-Large (Communication – Newsletter), 2015-2018
Anglia Ruskin University, UK
Nadia deGama
Sarah Gilmore
Representative-at-Large (Ethics and Inclusion), 2015-2017
Portsmouth University, UK
Patrizia Hoyer
Patrizia Hoyer
Representative-at-Large (Communication - Social Media), 2015-2018
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Jonathan Murphy
Representative-at-Large (Membership - International), 2015-2018
Cardiff University, UK

Past Division Chairs

Ralph Stablein (2003/4); David Jacobs (2004/5); Steve Jaros (2005/6); Rose Batt (2006/7); Bill Cooke (2007/8); Albert Mills and Jean Helms Mills (2008/9); Ann Cunliffe (2009/10); Craig Prichard (2010/11); Sarah Stookey (2011/12); Alex Faria (2012/13); Gavin Jack and Jan Schapper (2013/14); Raza Mir (2014/15); Emma Bell and Scott Taylor (2015/2016)

Past Representatives-at-large (2005 onwards)

Maria-Jose Tonelli; Raza Mir; Jim Barker; Bill Harley; Roy Stager Jacques; Latha Poonamallee; Richard Marens; Alessia Contu; Jessica Heineman-Pieper; Rafael Alcadipani; Maxim Voronov; Mary Goodwyn; Marianna Fotaki; Pauline Fatien; Rosalie Hilde; Denise Barros; Ana Maria Peredo; Sarah Gilmore; Gabie Durepos; Robbin Derry

Division Elections 2017

In accordance with the CMS Division by laws, the nominations and election process for Divisional roles is led and co-ordinated by the Nominations and Elections Committee comprising the Past Chair (who oversees the election process), Chair and Chair-elect. This year, we will be looking for nominations to fill 3 positions on the Executive Committee from August 2017:

  • Program-chair elect (PDW chair), 5-year Chair track
  • Representative-at-large (Ethics & Inclusion), 3-year position
  • Division Treasurer, 3-year position

The call for nominations goes out in January 2017 and closes February 2017. Once the nomination call has closed, nominated candidates who wish to proceed are put forward into an election ballot. This election is open to all CMS Division members and takes place from mid April to mid May 2017. The AOM's campaigning policy with respect to elections states that ‘no politicking’ is allowed. The Division welcomes applications for this role on a Co-Chair basis.

Please feel free to contact Emma Bell at if you are interested in discussing this role.