Riding Populist Storms: Ways Forward for Critical Management Scholarship in Populist Times (session

When:  Aug 10, 2020 from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM (FR)
This symposium concerns the challenges and possibilities faced by CMS scholarship in the context of populism. This is timely, as populist movements are currently powerful and passionately contested forces behind political, economic, and organisational turbulence in many parts of the world. They stir up questions, problems and emotions that are highly pertinent to CMS and in urgent need of being addressed, with new issues arising as new populist events continue to violently shake and reshape societies. At times, it feels like we are riding a never-ending populist storm, battered by winds and waves of change whilst dangers threaten to rise at any moment from dark churning waters. To help navigate these waters, in this symposium we will use a number of key insights from our Organization ‘Speaking Out’ Special Paper Series on 'Populist Responses to Austerity and Cultural Change: Brexit, Trumpism and Beyond', as a springboard for a panel discussion into potential ways forward for CMS scholars. Authors from the Special Paper Series who are attending this year’s AOM Meeting will form a panel to share their key insights with a CMS audience and identify questions for further development within our field in order to spark the panel and plenary debate as to the future of CMS and role of CMS scholars in these populist times