Embracing Decolonising-Colonizing Dynamics within Management and Organisational Knowledge (session 4

When:  Aug 11, 2020 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (FR)
It is just about time for management knowledge (MK) to de- discriminate itself and broaden embodied sights by including decolonization, decolonizers and decolonized in a planetary scale. The argument is as follows. MK has been triggered and partially organised by forces of transnational capital, post-Eurocentric Western houses of knowledge, and the post-nation state. It has been counter-balanced by resurging, insurging, emerging peoples, alternatives, borderlands, and ‘border’ scholars. As such, houses of management knowledge in the US and Europe are increasingly embracing, in particular ways, the argument enunciated collectively at the borderlands of the intercultural pluriversity in the Andean region (Walsh, 2012) and of the decolonizing Western University in South Africa: “the decolonizing project is back on the agenda worldwide” (Mbembe, 2016: 36). Underpinned by such interconnected discourses and intersecting praxis, capitalism dynamics and heterogeneous policies of inclusion-exclusion, the contemporary globalised world in general, and houses of knowledge in particular, are experiencing multiple and under-investigated transitional situations of managing colonizing- decolonizing dynamics (Mignolo & Walsh, 2018). Through this workshop, we would like to make a case for acknowledging and investigating these dynamics not only a legitimate but also an urgent matter within practical-theoretical realms of management knowledge and knowing.


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