Awards & Competitions

Awards & Competitions

Dark Side Case Competition

The Dark Side Case Competition is designed to encourage and acknowledge case writing that addresses contemporary capitalism's dark side. Details for the 2021 competition and information about past years’ winners can be found here.
This award is sponsored by Sobey School of business.

Dark Side Case Study Competition Co-Winners 2020:

Caterina Bettin and Jean Helms Mills (Sobey School of Business)
Makeup Naive
Susanna Kultalahti and Riitta Viitala (University of Vaasa)
No Smoke without Fire? The Power Play Between Employee Autonomy and Employer Authority

Annual Awards

Best Critical Paper

Each year the Division awards a prize for Best Paper from the main scholarly program. This prize is sponsored by the journal OrganizationHere are the previous winners.

Philipp Arnold and Jana Costas, European Uni Viadrina, Frankfurt
Doing Violence: Suffering Bodies in a Refugee Arrival Centre 

Best Doctoral Student Paper

Each year an award is made by the Division for the Best Student Paper. Here are details of what counts as an eligible entry for this competition. This award is sponsored by the journal Organization.

Vivek Nair and Devi Vijay, Indian Institute of Management – Calcutta,
The Facade of Neoliberal Merit: Empty Work and Unethical Subjects at a Business School

Best International Business Paper

The Division also makes an award for Best International Business Paper. The prize is sponsored by the journal Critical Perspectives on International Business and the Emerald Publishing Group. Here are the details of the previous winners.

Best Critical Paper on International Business 2020,
Emily Cook-Lundgren, Ishbel McWha-Hermann and Thomas Calvard, University of Edinburgh,
Expatriate-local inequality as epistemic dominance in international development organizations

Best Critical Management Learning and Education Paper

The Division award for Best Critical Management Learning & Education paper is sponsored by the journal Management Learning.
Here are the details of previous winners.

Penelope Muzanenhamo, University College Dublin, Smurfit and Rashedur Chowdhury, University of Southampton,
Divergent Perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion: Reconceptualizing & Advancing Black Scholarship

Best CMS Reviewer

An award is also made each year for the Best Developmental Reviewer in the Division. Here are the previous winners.

Best Developmental Reviewer Award 2020,
Srivanitha (Vani) Naik, Loughborough University.

Doctoral Dissertation/Thesis Award

Each year we award a prize to an outstanding doctoral dissertation/thesis that draws on and contributes to CMS. If you have completed your doctoral dissertation/thesis in the specified time period in any of the fields associated with critical management studies, do consider entering this competition. The award is sponsored by the journal Organization and Durham University Business School. Here are the details of the competition and past winners.

Best Doctoral Student Paper 2020, Karel Musílek, Durham University, “Making Life Work: Work and Life in Coliving”

Best Critical Gender, Work & Organization

The division award for Best Critical Gender, Work, and Organization is sponsored by the journal Gender, Work & Organization.

Nicole Ferry, City U. of Seattle and Eric Guthey, Copenhagen Business School,
There is no Lean In for Men.

Best Paper in Critical Business Ethics

The Division award for Best Critical Business Ethics is sponsored by the Journal of Business Ethics.

Kaiyu Shao, China University of Political Science and Law and Maddy Janssens, KU Leuven
Between Facts and Norms: CSR Communication and the Reproduction of Power