Best Critical Business Ethics Paper

Every year, the Division nominates the best paper in the category of Critical Business Ethics. There is a prize for this paper sponsored by the Journal of Business Ethics awarded at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

See past winners of the Best Critical Business Ethics Paper.


2023: Rashedur Chowdury (University of Essex) and Roya Derakhshan (Università Bocconi), 'In the Name of the Law: A Study of Undocumented Immigrants’ Experiences of Legal Violence'

2022: Habib Urahman (Australian Burmese Rohingya Organization) and Fahreen Alamgir (Monash University), 'The Political Economy of Slow Genocide, Racial Capitalism and Making of De facto Stateless Rohingya'

2021: Seray Ergene (University of Rhode Island) and Marta B. Calas (University of Massachusetts Amherst), 'Reclaiming Sustainability through Organic Cotton Seeds' 

2020: Kaiyu Shao (China University of Political Science and Law) and Maddy Janssens (KU Leuven), 'Between Facts and Norms: CSR Communication and the Reproduction of Power'

2019: Elena P. Antonacopoulou (Liverpool University), Regina F. Bento (University of Baltimore), and Lourdes White ( University of Baltimore), 'Why Didn’t the Watchdogs Bark? Internal Auditing and the Wells Fargo Scandal'

2018: Fahreen Alamgir (Monash University) and Ozan Nadir Alakavuklae (Massey University Albany), 'Exploring Compliance Code and the Making of Ethics Focusing on Bangladeshi Apparel Industry'

2017: Zhiyuan Simon Tan ( King’s College London), 'From Being Unethical to Appearing Legitimate: How Analysts Got Involved in Corporate Governance'