• 2021 CMS AOM Division Program

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Message from Division Chair

Welcome to the Critical Management Studies (CMS) Division of the Academy of Management. Critical Management Studies is characterised by scepticism concerning the morality and social and ecological sustainability of prevailing forms of organization. The Division promotes management research and education which is dedicated to interrogating relations of power and control and giving voice to marginal and oppressed voices. Our membership is highly international, comprising over 750 scholars, many of them doctoral students, working in over 45 countries.

There are several ways you can get involved with the CMS Division. You can find out about our latest conferences and events, news, competitions and awards, and how to join the CMS Division via these webpages. You can contribute to online discussions, share ideas and resources by joining our community and you can also follow us on Twitter, and watch our videos on Youtube.

Please get involved and join other critical management scholars who are committed to challenging and transforming unethical and exploitative organizational practices.

Fernanda Sauerbronn
Division Co-Chair

Amon Narciso de Barros
Division Co-Chair

Fernanda Sauerbronn, CMS Division Co-Chair
Amon Narciso de Barros, CMS Division Co-Chair

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