Best Doctoral Student Paper

Every year the program chair and executive committee nominate the best student paper. There is a prize sponsored by the journal Organization awarded at the Academy of Management meeting.


  • 2023 Poonam Barhoi (Indian Institute of Management), Ranjeet Nambudiri (Indian Institute of Management) and Nobin Thomas (Indian Institute of Management) Gender-Based Violence in India and Feminist Organizing of Women’s Court’s Work for Its Prevention

  • 2022 Elise Lobbedez (EMLYON Business School) 
    “Liberté, Egalité, Flashball”. Resisting Work to Absorb Violent Protests
  • 2021 Michel Majdalani (Lebanese American University/ Grenoble Ecole de Management), Michelle Mielly (Grenoble Ecole de Management) and Gazi Islam (Grenoble Ecole de Management)
    Recasting Sustainable Collaborations through Postcolonial Perspectives: Diaspora Induced Organizing and Epistemic Reconfiguration
  • 2020 Vivek Nair (IIM Calcutta, India) and Devi Vijay (IIM Calcutta, India)
    The Facade of Neoliberal Merit: Empty Work and Unethical Subjects at a Business School
  • 2019 Shalini (Indian Institute of Management)
    Entrepreneurship Discourse as a Cultural Tool to Gain Legitimacy: The Case of Uber and Ola in India 
  • 2018 Ng Kong Man Joey (The Open University of Hong Kong)
    Insignificance of Well-Being in a Chinese Context: An Anthropological Examination
  • 2017 Seray Ergene (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
    Organization Theorizing for Sustainability: Un-making People and Nature Exploitable
  • 2016 Carma Claw Nez (New Mexico State University)
    Without Reservation: The Commodification of Native Americans
  • 2015 Kamalika Chakraborty (IIM Calcutta, India)
    An Investigation into Silent Coping by NGOs in Third World Countries
  • 2014 Lauren McCarthy (University of Nottingham, UK)
    Resistance to Institutional Work: Power and Gender in the Fair Trade Cocoa Value Chain
  • 2013 Fahreen Alamgir (RMIT University, Australia)
    Conflicting Regimes, Legitimacy of the State: Exploring Rights-Centric Management
  • 2012 Joint winners
    -Toby Paltridge & Susan Mayson (Monash University, Australia)
    Inequalities in international education and the role of print media: A critical discourse analysis
    -Emma Avetisyan (SKEMA Business School, France) & Michel Ferrary (CERAM, France)
    The institutionalization of CSR field in France and the United States
  • 2011 Stratos E Ramoglou (Cambridge University, UK)
    Demystifying the "Entrepreneurial Mind": A Wittgensteinian Approach
  • 2010 Marc Idelson (HEC Paris, France)
    Undo the math! organizational implications of cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary semiotic gaps
  • 2009 Daphne Berry (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
    Expatriates, Migrants, Gender, Race and Class
  • 2008 Ajnesh Prasad (York U).
    Beyond Analytical Categories of Difference: Or, the Case for 'Strategic Essentialism'
  • 2007 Jason Myrowitz
    Anti-Authoritarian Television Programming
  • 2006 Marcos Pereira Fernandes de Barros (HEC Montreal)
    Emancipatory Management: The Contradiction between Practice and Discourse
  • 2005 Mikelle Calhoun (Valpairiso University)
    Challenging Distinctions: Illusions of Precision Assessing Risks of Doing Business in Host Countries