Best Critical Management Learning & Education Paper

Every year, since 2015, the Division nominates the best paper in the category Critical Management Learning and Education. There is a prize for this paper sponsored by the journal Management Learning awarded at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

See past winners of the Best Critical Management Learning and Education Paper.


2023: Emily Cook-Lundgren (NEOMA Business School), 'Social Entrepreneurship Education: Changing the World or Maintaining the Status Quo?'

2022: John Hassard (University of Manchester) and Jonathan Morris (Cardiff University), 'Managers Working at Home: Critical Developments Before, During and After Coronavirus'

2021: Joseph Tixier (Emlyon Business School), 'Entrepreneurship Curricula through Teacher’s Practice in Madagascar' 

2020: Penelope Muzanenhamo (University College Dublin) and Rashedur Chowdhury (University of Southampton), 'Divergent Perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion: Reconceptualizing & Advancing Black Scholarship'

2019: Kira Lussier (University of Toronto), 'Motives, Managers, and Maslow: The Hierarchy of Needs in American Management, 1960-1985'

2018: Nick Butler (Stockholm University) and Sverre Spoelstra (Lund University), ‘Academics at Play: Why the ‘Publication Game’ is More than a Metaphor’

2017: Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen (Aalborg University), 'Entanglements of Storytelling and Power in the Enactment of Organizational Subjectivity'

2016: Joint winners
(1) Arun Kumar (University of York/ Grenoble École de Management) 'Making History: Archives, Historiography, and Their Silences'
(2) Katariina Outi Juusola (University of Jyväskylä) and Marjo Elisa Siltaoja (University of Jyväskylä) 'On the Discursive Reconstruction of a World-Class: Branding Practices of IBCs in the UAE'

2015: Todd Bridgman (Victoria University of Wellington), Stephen Cummings (Victoria University of Wellington) & Colm McLaughlin (University College Dublin), ‘The case method as invented tradition: Revisiting Harvard's history to reorient management education’