Doctoral Dissertation/Thesis Award

Each year the Division makes an award to the most outstanding dissertation in the field of CMS. If you have recently completed your PhD thesis in any of the fields associated with critical management studies you may be eligible to enter this competition.All entries are anonymously reviewed by two CMS scholars with expertise in the field of study and constructive, developmental feedback is provided. The call for the most recent competition can be downloaded here.

Winners List

  • 2023 Belinda Zakrzewska (University of Sussex), Anti-Manual for the Organizational Construction of Authenticity in Postcolonial Contexts
  • 2022 (Joint-winner) Genevieve Shanahan (Grenoble Ecole de Management), The Local Prefiguration of a Global Sustainable Food System: Reconciling Radical Democracy and Scale Through Technology
    2022 (Joint-winner) Gaurish Chawla (University of Durham), The stories that I wrote/ The I that Stories wrote 
  • 2021 Yashar Mahmud (Stockholm University), Organizing Refugees 
  • 2020 Karel Musílek (Durham University), Making Life Work: Work and Life in Coliving
  • 2019 Paulina Segarra (EGADE Business School), Neither Free Nor a Slave: Three Essays on Subjectivity, Organization, and the Making of Exile
  • 2018 Stefanie Ruel (Athabasca University, Canada), Multiplicities of “I'” in Intersectionality: Women’s Exclusion from STEM Management in the Canadian Space Industry
  • 2017Jennifer Manning (Dublin Institute of Technology), Maya Women Organising in the Margins: A Post/Decolonial Feminist Approach
  • 2016 Saima Rifet (University of Bradford, UK), Exploring Hybridity in the 21st Century: The Working Lives of South Asian Ethnic Minorities from a British Born Generation in Bradford
  • 2015 Hamid Foroughi (Henley Business School, UK)
    Remembering and Forgetting in Organizations: A Study of Mnemonic Politics and Collective Memories in a British Charity
  • 2014 Fahreen Alamgir (RMIT University, Australia) and Suze Wilson (Massey University, New Zealand)
    A People's Perspective on Rights-Centric Industrial Restructuring and Sustainability: A Case Study of State-Owned Jute Mills of Bangladesh. (Fahreen)
    Thinking Differently about Leadership: A Critical History of the Form and Formation of Leadership Studies. (Suze)
  • 2013 (Joint-winner) Rosalie Hilde (Athabasca University, Canada)
    Workplace (In)Equality: Making Critical Sense of Hong Kong Chinese Immigrant Experiences in the Canadian Workplace
    2013 (Joint-winner) Vanessa Iwowo (London School of Economics, UK) Knowing in Context: A Postcolonial Analysis of Contemporary
    Leadership Development and Leadership Education
  • 2012 Leonidas Efthymiou (Intercollege Larnaca, Cyprus)
    Workplace Control and Resistance from Below: An Ethnographic Study in a Cypriot Luxury Hotel
  • 2011 (Joint-winner) Adam Rostis (Saint Mary's University, Canada)
    Problematizing Crisis: Re-Reading Humanitarianism as Postcolonial Organizing
    2011 (Joint-winner) Alexandra Bristow (University of Surrey, UK)
    The Production of Objectivity in Organization Studies: An Analysis of Some of the Field's leading Journals
  • 2010 (Joint winner) Gabrielle Durepos (St. Francis Xavier University, Canada)
    ANTi-History: Towards an Historiographical Approach to (Re)Assembling Knowledge of the Past
    2010 (Joint winner) Sarah Hurlow (Cardiff University, Wales)
    The Language of Leadership
  • 2009 Vijayan Munusamy (Center for Creative Leadership)
    Decoding the meaning of multiculturalism: An international study of Malaysia, Singapore, and Hawaii.
  • 2008 Lisa Calvano (Temple University)
    Stakeholder Conflict in Philadelphia's Casino Controversy
  • 2007 Patrizia Zanoni (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
    Beyond Demography: Essays on Diversity in Organizations
  • 2006 Alison Henderson (University of Waikato)
    Organisational identities and rationalities: a rhetorical and discourse analysis of organisational communication about genetic modification in the New Zealand kiwifruit and dairy industries
  • 2005 Todd Bridgman (Cambridge University)
    Commercialising the Academic’s Public Role: Theorising the politics of Identity Constitution and Practice in UK Research-led Business Schools.