• 2021 CMS AOM Division Program

    Dear CMS Division AOM members

    To help you navigate our annual conference scholarly program, all our sessions are listed in this calendar.

    Wishing you a nice conference,
  • 2021 CMS DIVISION Call for Best Critical Doctoral Dissertation/Thesis Award

    Dear CMS Division members,

    Will you have completed a critical doctoral dissertation/ thesis in the period 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021? If the answer is YES, please consider applying to our
    2021 Best Critical Doctoral Dissertation Award. More details: Here.
    Deadline: 1 April 2021

    To get an idea of the award, you can visit this page.
    You can also watch on the CMS Division Youtube channel the presentation made by the winner of last year: Karel Musílek.

    Good Luck,

  • CMS DIVISION ELECTIONS 2021 - Call For Nominations

    In accordance with the CMS Division bylaws, the nominations and election process for Divisional roles is led and coordinated by the Nominations and Elections Committee comprising the Past Chair (who oversees the election process), Chair, and Chair-elect. For the 2021 Division elections, we will be looking for nominations to fill four positions on the Executive Committee from August 2021:

    • Program Chair-Elect (PDW Chair), 5-year Chair Track
    • Representative-at-Large (Communication – Social media & Website)
    • Representative-at-Large (Communication – Newsletter)
    • Representative-at-Large (Membership and Outreach)

    To nominate future leaders for the division, please visit and follow the instructions to log-in to your Academy profile. Once you log-in, you may select 'Nominate Now' for the CMS Division. If you know a colleague with great leadership skills who you would recommend, please submit his or her name today. Or, if you are interested in serving the CMS division personally, self-nominations are accepted and encouraged!

    The call for nominations closes on 26 February 2021. Once the nomination call has closed, nominated candidates who wish to proceed are put forward into an election ballot. This election is open to all CMS Division members and takes place from mid-April to mid-May 2021. The AOM's campaigning policy for elections states that 'no politicking' is allowed.

    Please feel free to contact Ajnesh Prasad ( if you are interested in discussing and learning more about these roles.

  • Letter from Gibson Burrell and Simon Lilley about the plans for compulsory redundancies

    The University of Leicester has proposed targeted redundancies of academics working in Critical Management Studies and Political Economy. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic which has led to millions of deaths and untold economic and social damage and at a time when university staff are supporting their students and communities in extraordinary ways, these proposed cuts demonstrate in the most serious terms the precarity that university staff find themselves in. And sadly, this is happening at a time when the two areas targeted: critical management thinking and political-economic education; are more central than ever to addressing the great challenges of our time. The Academy of Management CMS Executive stands in solidarity with colleagues affected. Gibson Burrell and Simon Lilley ex-heads of the School of Management at Leicester, write about the proposal here.
  • 2021 CMS Division Call for Submissions and Reviewers

    Dear CMS Division members


    The CMS Division invites submissions to the 81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, to be held virtually from July 30 to August 3, 2021.
    The calls are available on the CMS Division website, including the scholarly program’s call, the call for proposals, and the XX edition of the dark side competition.
    To learn more about previous awards winners, please visit this page.
    To sign up as a reviewer: here.
    You may send submissions through the AOM Submission Center until it closes on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, at 5:00 PM EST (NY Time).

    Marie Hasbi
    Elected Representative-at-Large – Social media Editor & Webmaster.