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CMS Division Newsletter - October 2021

  • 1.  CMS Division Newsletter - October 2021

    Posted 10-14-2021 14:32
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    The Critical Management Studies Division is pleased to share its October 2021 Newsletter with its members.


    See highlights from the Academy of Management conference. You will find an overview of the changes in the division's executive roles, a review of the AOM 2021 program, PDW chairs update, a list of the CMS AOM 2021 award winners, and a spotlight on running a PDW differently.

    There are wonderful articles by Penelope Muzanenhamo on courageous activism and Victor Ray on racism in organizations. The CMSInTouch team gives us an update and introduces new members to their team. We introduce new members to our CMS division: Ghazal Mir Zulfiqar, Alexandra Bristow, and Liela Jamjoom. Don't miss our PhD student profile this month written eloquently by Tianyuan Yu. She explores her emotional and spiritual journey and the healing effects of research.


    Enjoy reading!

    Liela Jamjoom
    Research Fellow
    Dar Al-Hekma University


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