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AOM 2022 Travel Travesties

  • 1.  AOM 2022 Travel Travesties

    Posted 07-24-2022 13:25
    I'm looking forward to seeing folks in person at AOM after a few years of involuntary hiatus. But I'm not looking forward to the trek itself. We've revived the mass meeting at the same time as mass transit has chosen to implode, and to add to the fun, we're going to the farthest upper left corner of the US. It'll be interesting! (Maybe we'll have a heat wave to boot!)

    To help ease the pain with a little dark humor and collective empathy, I've set up a Facebook and Twitter site to regale all with your tales of travel travesties. Please post your stories there. Make some lemonade outta the inevitable lemons and whatnot. Best worst story wins our shared sorrow and maybe a free review of a draft article of your choosing. 

    The Facebook page is: AOM 2022 Travel Travesties

    The Twitter page is: @aomtravelwoes

    With sympathy,

    Michael Barnett
    Rutgers University
    Newark NJ
    (973) 353-3697