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AOM PDW invitation: Managing with and among More-than-human Stakeholders

  • 1.  AOM PDW invitation: Managing with and among More-than-human Stakeholders

    Posted 07-18-2022 11:25

    Dear all, 

    We are happy to share with you the invitation for the PDW Managing with and among More-than-human Stakeholders: The Rise of Nature-based Legal Persons at the next 82th Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Seattle.

    Session 134: 

    Online-only Friday, 5 August 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM EDT

    More-than-human stakeholders include entities like rivers, plants, and other actors. In the past decades, marginalized indigenous groups and others have acted to win recognition of such entities as right-holders (Banerjee & Arjaliès, 2021). These stakeholders are beginning to secure all over the world legal personhood rights in legal systems, rights like those extended to corporations. New Zealand has recognized a river as a legal person (Hollingsworth, 2020), while the United States recognized a plant, which has since sued a state government (Douglas, 2021). The rise of legal personhood rights for these more-than-human stakeholders challenges existing management theory and practice developed within a legal regime in which only humans, corporations, and states have legal standing.

    The PDW goal is to collaboratively discuss and brainstorm this phenomenon to produce a jointly co-authored research agenda for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

    If you want to know more on this subject and eventually be involved in this collective effort, please fill the form below: 

    Hope to see you at the PDW!

    Kind regards, 

    Nicholas Poggioli (he/him) 

    Costanza Sartoris (she/her)

    Costanza Sartoris
    Ca' Foscari University