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PDW at the AOM: Envisioning a Better Career (Session 1036)

  • 1.  PDW at the AOM: Envisioning a Better Career (Session 1036)

    Posted 13 days ago

    Dear colleagues,

    We would like to draw your attention to this virtual workshop taking place during the AOM meeting, open to anyone keen to reflect on 'better careers' and what it could mean. Thank you for considering this.

    Envisioning a Better Career: Reflecting on the Past to Rearticulate and Imagine New Possibilities (session 1036)


    Inspired by this year's AOM conference theme, and against the backdrop of the global pandemic, which has caused many to reflect on different aspects of their lives including their careers, work practices and lifestyle choices, the objective of this PDW is to create an inclusive and safe space where we can come together to consider the ways in which we can creatively (re)imagine and construct better careers. We begin this workshop by looking inwards – pausing and reflecting on our own career journeys and experiences, both in academia and elsewhere, identifying areas where we may have been both victims to and complicit in the neoliberal career rat race. We then break into smaller groups to collectively and creatively think about how we may envision and enact better careers. We hope our discussion will go beyond conference walls and inspire members of the Academy to turn the gaze onto ourselves and others – to meaningfully think about our own career experiences and construct concrete ways that we can (re)consider, (re)articulate and (re)imagine better careers both for ourselves and through researching alternative career possibilities/trajectories, past, present and future.


    Program Session: 1036 | Submission: 17261 | Sponsor(s): (CMS, CAR)
    Scheduled: Monday, Aug 8 2022 8:00AM - 10:00AM PT (UTC-7)


    Nadia deGama (AFG College with the University of Aberdeen, Qatar)

    Axel Haunschild (Leibniz University Hannover, Germany)

    Olivier Ratle (University of the West of England, UK)

    Sarah Robinson (Glasgow University, UK)

    Angelika Schmidt (WU Vienna, Austria)

    Katharina Chudzikowski (University of Bath, UK)

    Olivier Ratle
    Senior Lecturer
    University of the West of England