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PDW: Challenging neoliberalism through a posthuman ethics of care (session 488)

  • 1.  PDW: Challenging neoliberalism through a posthuman ethics of care (session 488)

    Posted 20 days ago

    Saturday, Aug 6, 2022, between 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM (PDT) at the Westin Seattle, room Vashon II


    Organizers and Presenters

    Guy Huber, Oxford Brookes University, UK

    David Knights, Lancaster University, UK

    Barbara Simpson, University of Strathclyde, UK


    Dear Colleagues,


    If you are planning to attend AoM in person in Seattle, we invite you to join us in a face-to-face format PDW. No preparation is required, and we welcome all Academy members who would like to engage in an interactive workshop designed to interrogate the current global environmental, economic and political crises. In particular, we seek to explore their relationship through three related questions concerning (1) the prevailing neo-liberal or Washington consensus, (2) the faith in humanism and (3) the failure of ethics.


    Our objective in this PDW is to engage participants in considering how our (and others) lives might be lived differently through posthuman subjectivities and an ethics of care. The workshop will begin with each panel member making a brief presentation followed by Q&A on the individualizing and reductive tendencies of neoliberalism, the collaborative and productive dynamics of posthumanism, and the relational potential of an ethics of care.  Questions and suggestions generated in these discussions will then be used to guide subsequent breakout group explorations of the three topics of our presentation: neo-liberalism, posthumanism and an ethics of care. Finally, each breakout group will report key ideas and insights from their conversations to a plenary session, and participants will be invited to use a Padlet as an ongoing resource to support further conversations and future research.


    Please read our abstract for further details

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    Pre-Registration: To register for this event, please email

    Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 6, 2022, 2:30PM - 4:30PM Pacific (Seattle time)



    Guy Huber

    Senior Lecturer

    Oxford Brookes University Business School

    United Kingdom