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PDW Reminder: Beyond-Human Methodologies in Management Research

  • 1.  PDW Reminder: Beyond-Human Methodologies in Management Research

    Posted 07-20-2022 12:51
    Beyond-Human Methodologies in Management Research
    Hybrid-Interactive: Seattle + Virtual, Zoom 'meeting' style 
    Aug 5 2022 from 8:00AM to 10:00AM PT (UTC-7)
    Submission Deadline: July 31, 2022 
    Sponsors: ONE, RM, SIM 

    Are you involving non-human actors, things, processes, or other phenomena in your work?  If so, would you like to…

    • learn how others have involved non-human phenomena in their scholarship?
    • explore which methodological tools and approaches might fit your research? 
    • make connections with others working in this newly emerging field? 

    "Beyond-Human Methodologies in Management Research" is a professional development workshop aimed at exploring methodologies for involving non-human phenomena in our empirical work. 'Beyond-human' (also, 'more-than-human') encompasses all non-human, non-artifactual phenomena (e.g., actors, objects, entities, processes) such as forest fires, atmospheric carbon, and biodiversity. Our aim is to explore various methods for studying beyond-human phenomena in organization and management research, including indigenous perspectives, ethnographic methodologies, observational approaches, among others. With this PDW we continue recent efforts to develop a relational understanding of organizing with natural processes and systems.

    This 120-min PDW has two main parts. The first involves short presentations and a panel discussion involving the following participants: 

    • Anu Valtonen (University of Lapland)
    • Seray Ergene (University of Rhode Island)
    • Kiri Mamai Dell (The University of Auckland)
    • Frank Figge (ESCP Business School) 

    The second part will be roundtable discussions hosted by Anu Valtonen, Seray Ergene, Jason Good, Galina Kallio, Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes, Costanza Sartoris, and Monica Nadegger; these discussions will be aimed at helping participants develop their beyond-human research methodologies. While the first part is open for all conference attendees, participation in the roundtable discussions requires an application. You can find the link to the session in the AOM Program here.

    To apply to the roundtable discussion session:

    Participants should submit an extended abstract including the project's purpose and research question, brief theoretical overview, sketch of the context, and short elaboration of their proposed methodology by the 31st of July to We encourage submissions that focus on questions, struggles, and concerns with including beyond-human actors, voices, and phenomena in empirical work. Participants at any career stage (both students and faculty) are welcome to apply, and we encourage projects at any stage of development, from pre-proposal to data theorization. 

    Please prepare a single PDF or Word (.doc or .docx) file, saved as  "Last Name, First Name_BH2022" (e.g., Smith, Jordan_BH2022), that includes the following information:

    • Title
    • Author names and affiliations 
    • Keywords (up to 5)
    • Brief purpose and research question
    • Brief contextual and theoretical overview
    • Actual or potential research design/methodology/approach
    • And the most important part: Questions, struggles, concerns regarding including beyond-human phenomena in your project.
    • References

    Try to limit the submission to 1,000 words (excluding references, tables, appendices, etc.), using 1.5 spacing and 12-pt font.

    The PDW organizers will carefully review and assign the extended abstracts to roundtables based on topic fit, research stage, and overall context of the paper. After notification of acceptance, participants are asked to read and review their fellow discussion-group members' abstracts to ensure in-depth discussion and valuable feedback.

    If you have any questions about the PDW or the submission, you can contact

    Organizers: Jason Good & Monica Nadegger

    Jason Good
    Amsterdam School of International Business
    Crewe VA
    (734) 223-7787