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Reminder- Between the Cerebral and Playful Mind: An Invitation to Experience the Power of Community Through Irish Music and Poetry

  • 1.  Reminder- Between the Cerebral and Playful Mind: An Invitation to Experience the Power of Community Through Irish Music and Poetry

    Posted 08-03-2022 11:18

    Dear Colleagues:

    Don't miss this musical, playful, and poetic synchronous virtual session! 

    The Management, Spirituality, and Religion (MSR) Interest Group is pleased to announce that singer, poet, and performer Mícheál ‘Moley’ Ó Súilleabháin will be our guest at the MSR and Friends session in Seattle. This session is designed to ease our scholarly minds through music, poetry, and play and remind us of the power of our shared community. All AOM Members are welcomed to attend this synchronous virtual session!

    MSR and Friends Details

    Date/Time: Monday, August 8 17:00 to 18:30 (Pacific Time)

    Synchronous Virtual Only: Zoom through AOM Platform

    Presenter: Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin

    Title: Neart: A Playful Spirit of Now: Co-Creative Invitations in Irish Poetry and Song

    Mícheál ‘Moley’ Ó Súilleabháin is a singer, poet, and speaker from Limerick, Ireland. His artistic identity lives on the threshold between things. He is a master of several worlds of song and poetic performance. His way in the world exists between laughter and poignancy.

    From a family steeped in Irish traditional music and academia, he began as a drummer, studying music at University College Cork. He graduated to an MA in Ethnomusicology at Irish World Academy of Music and Dance before teaching as a freelance music educator with a specialization in rap and human beatboxing (vocal percussion). He is an insightful poet and vocal virtuoso.

    Neart is the Irish word for the strength of community and the spirit of all things. Our poetic imaginations mingle in the worlds of art and spirituality. Our cerebral and scholarly minds are balanced by an artistic experience of our inner lives. This short presentation meanders between the playful and poignant in Irish poetry and song. Mícheál will present his own poems as well famous Irish poetry and song from several traditions. His own story and artistry will beg insightful questions of how we are to realize our poetic vision of a better world.

    Often times the step backward
    Allows the soul catch up
    So that all our happy hindsights
    Harmonise and wisdom builds…

    excerpt from 'Turas d’Anam' by Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin

    Join Mícheál’s online community here:

    Buy Mícheál’s book of poetry ‘Early Music’ from Amazon here or a signed copy directly from the author here


    Julia Storberg-Walker
    MSR Scholarly Program Chair
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